Hunting Diary: Rain

My thoughts this morning, while tacking up Bluey, were the wistful reminders that I could have been sleeping off champagne at my club in London and not peering out at torrential rain. Sadly I had to cancel my attendance at the party because of work commitments (a sheep event in Melton Mowbray that meant I couldn’t catch a train in time to make dinner) and instead decided to go hunting.


Photograph by visiting photographer Kay Thompson

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22 Things You Know If You Work With Farmers

Eight and a half years and counting…

1. ¬†Any paperwork is highly likely to be covered in something that looks suspiciously like… Actually not “suspiciously like” it clearly is cow s**t.

2. Getting in the Land Rover for a farm tour will involve sitting on top of a bag of feed, fitting your feet in between a bucket and a broken chainsaw and having a dog breathe down your neck.


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