Hunting Diary: Falling Like Leaves

My first Croome & WW event was a pre-puppy show in June. While watching hounds and trying to cultivate some sort of understanding beyond “that one looks cute” a young girl came up to me and said “I hear you’re joining our hunt. My name is X and my pony doesn’t like water.”

With the season drawing to a close I had mostly forgotten that detail, but today I remembered it as the pony threw his rider into a deep puddle, and she became the first on a long list of names being sent to Splatman for his write up and £5 fine (payable to the Air Ambulance).


Photograph kindly sent to me by Katie Smith

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23 Things You Learn When You Ride Side- Saddle

Ah side saddle… I’ve already covered it in this post and here, but here is a little list of things we all learn when we start getting our leg over…

  1. Non- riding friends will not be able to see a photograph of you riding without posting some comment along the lines of “SO LADY MARY.” Of course, just last night I killed a Turkish diplomat with my steel thighs during a bout of illicit love making. Given that my friends now post these comments on non- riding photos, I should probably check my bed for dead Turks…


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