Things That Happen When You Go To Alumni Events

So on Saturday night I went to my first alumni event as an alumnus (x 2 for those of you counting my Ciren degrees). The excitement of driving into Gloucestershire can’t be beaten, and if you’ve been to Ciren you will understand what I mean when I say “that feeling when you turn your car up the front drive and gaze up at Ciren after a long journey”. It was an all- round good night, here are some things that happened and some things that I learnt.

THANK YOU alumni team for putting on a brilliant evening!!!


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A Beginner’s Guide to Scottish Reeling

Growing up in Wales, I was exposed to country dancing throughout school. It was a deadly serious affair involving terrible, terrible outfits, no alcohol and lots of practicing with the intention of winning at one of the Eisteddfods. I never went near ┬áit for fear of the die hards who did it. However, Scotland had a different idea and made their national dancing something that is done with the lubrication of alcohol, the promise of a midnight breakfast and the chance to crack out the family tiara. If you’ve never done it, here are some things to bear in mind…

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