Gluten Free Living

At the beginning of term (which has gone far too fast) I wrote a piece about my first week of eating without gluten. Although its really boring I’ll fill you in on the reasons why- I had really low and unexplained blood iron counts which were possibly caused by a gluten intolerance (there was a stage of “eek this might be something more serious”). So I decided to cut out gluten for three months until my next blood test. That test was on Monday and I had my results today; 32. The normal range is apparently between 10 and 300 and my counts six months and three months ago were 5 and 6 respectively. The experiment has therefore concluded that I do have an intolerance, and it looks like I’ll never eat Maltesers again (sob). Nor my signature Victoria Sponge. Such are the cruelties of life.

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