36 Hunt Followers You Might Meet in the Field

Hunts are all different, but some people are the same… P.S. Only one of these people is real!

*Revised and updated, because 22 characters was just too short a cast list*

Special thanks to G and Anna for their creative input

1. The Ex-Racehorse Addict

Carly bought Squidge for £2 from Ascot sales last month. All is going well, apart from the awkward moment at opening meet when he mistook the rolling lawns of Deadbear Hall for the start of the 3.20 at Goodwood.

2. The Huntsman Who Can’t Ride

Derek loves hounds. Legend has it that he was raised by a hound bitch named Anthea. Unfortunately he likes horses a little less, but fortunately the hunt have found Dobbin.

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23 Things You Learn When You Ride Side- Saddle

Ah side saddle… I’ve already covered it in this post and here, but here is a little list of things we all learn when we start getting our leg over…

  1. Non- riding friends will not be able to see a photograph of you riding without posting some comment along the lines of “SO LADY MARY.” Of course, just last night I killed a Turkish diplomat with my steel thighs during a bout of illicit love making. Given that my friends now post these comments on non- riding photos, I should probably check my bed for dead Turks…


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