Time To Cut Greedy Farmers Down To Size? No, Emma Duncan, No

There is something dangerous about opinion pieces. I recognise the irony, given that this is going to be an opinion piece, and I know first hand the peril. Today I did not buy my usual weekend copy of The Sunday Times, but over on twitter an opinion piece written by Emma Duncan was brought to my attention. The image below, widely shared on social media, is of the opinion piece in question.


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A Swansong For Cirencester

I’m writing this on the eve of results. Outside its raining hard, and its difficult to believe that it is late June, and my five years of Cirencester really are at an end. This time tomorrow I – and all of you final year degree and fellow postgraduate students- will know the outcome. Will know what we have on a piece of paper to show for our time at college. We already know what we really take away.


A tongue-in-cheek post it from a marketing discussion

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