Gin & Juice

It’s the weekendddddddddd

It is also the beginning of Royal Welsh week, so I’m being a less competent version of my brother, and devoting my time to feeding calves, doing some milking, and scraping cow s**t, as well as the usual professional work, and dosing Bluey who has another sinus infection.

It is all enough to make one want a drink…. Or two (saving myself for Wednesday night, when I lose my YPV virginity at the show).


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A Long Summer

So there I was, end of the day (a long one, farm stuff and work work and then two hours of maths tutoring) and about to sit down to Love Island and some dodgy gluten- free chocolate pudding… Then I checked my phone and saw that my blog page has reached OVER A THOUSAND LIKES. Now I am well aware that half of them probably hate follow me, but seriously A THOUSAND. Thank you people. Anyway, so with a thousand followers I figured that maybe I should write something new. Hound exercise is not too far ahead, but here are a few of the things we have been getting up to since I last wrote about the Three Counties Bloodhounds closing meet. Scroll down to the very bottom for a photo that will I hope make you all laugh.

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Hunting Diary: On Sundays* We Wear Pink`

* Well not this time, although hunting and Jesus’s birthday have a keen relationship, even a bloodhound pack won’t hunt on his second birthday. Although, Sabbath- hunting heathens that they are, it might be more to do with other packs ceasing their Saturday trade

` Yah okay, more burgundy, but “burgundy” wouldn’t allow me the Mean Girls misquote, so let’s roll with it


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