Goodbye 2017… Hello 2018!

Ah and so its almost Happy New Year!


Apologies first for the lack of posts over the Christmas period. I know you were all looking forward to hearing about me attempting to jump a Stanks hedge, adorning Bluey in tinsel, and trying and failing to keep up with the drinking escapades of the South Pembrokeshire. Unfortunately Bluey colicked on Christmas Eve, which means that we will not be out in the field again for a few weeks. He is all well now (and kicking) but I honestly thought at one point that he was dead. Cue sleeping in his stable under a rug, like a less pure Mary (sans Joseph).

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Hunting Diary: Like A Virgin*

*Hunted for the very first time…

A month or so ago I wrote a beginners hunting guide which I originally prefaced with lots of wonderful innuendos along the lines of “it might not last as long as you expect” and “if you do it incorrectly, it will hurt.” Unfortunately the editor didn’t think that such filth was suitable, and so I have saved it for you, and the intro to this particular report.


Bluey reminding AJ who the Tivyside’s senior and most important ex racehorse is

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Hunting Diary: Pembs Hunt Side Saddle Meet 2017

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was stripping down to my underwear in a lay-by in the depths of Pembrokeshire, squeezing water out of my hair after the wettest, wildest day at the Pembrokeshire Hunt’s side saddle meet. Time seems to be flying along and yesterday saw our second visit to our hard hunting neighbours, for their side saddle meet.


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