Hunting Diary: Bicester with Whaddon Chase Joint Meet

Two meets and what a contrast! On Tuesday I had a day off in lieu, so headed up to the edge of the Preselis for a midweek outing with the Tivyside. By the time I got there I had a message from the MFH to say that it would be a foot day. I had intentions of saying hello, handing over some gin for an upcoming raffle, and then taking Bluey for a hack around the roads, but I found the secretary after sending some desperate “where on earth are hounds?” messages, and she sent me up a bridlepath and to the huntsman.


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Hunting Diary: You Smell Like A Man

I was fully intending to take a trip back to the C&WW this weekend, so big apologies to my Midlands adoptive hunting family for not being there to see some well- deserved hunt buttons awarded. You are still my favourites, and I will be out soon. I even booked my space for breakfast, and then realised that my ferry back from Ireland was coming in to Pembroke Dock at 1am, and so I would not really be in any state to make the eight- hour round trip. Even more so after I got a bit, er, merry at the conference dinner, made the mistake of pennying a client’s drink, had the same done to me (twice) and re- tested the old hypothesis that not much food + lots of white wine = involuntary oral expulsion of stomach contents.


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