Hunting Diary: On Sundays* We Wear Pink`

* Well not this time, although hunting and Jesus’s birthday have a keen relationship, even a bloodhound pack won’t hunt on his second birthday. Although, Sabbath- hunting heathens that they are, it might be more to do with other packs ceasing their Saturday trade

` Yah okay, more burgundy, but “burgundy” wouldn’t allow me theĀ Mean GirlsĀ misquote, so let’s roll with it


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29 Things That Happen At Every Hunt Ball

Not saying that I’m an expert, but I do spend about 60% of my disposable income on attending hunt balls. So here goes with a list of the things you are bound to see…

1 Some guy in red tails prancing around like he’s some sort of superhero combination of all the best Jilly Cooper heroes. Actually he’s third whip for the neighbouring Division Five pack, and Mummy still plaits his horse and fills his hip flask.


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Mischief Managed: Season 16/17

Hang up your spurs, dry clean your hunt coat, turn your hunter to grass, put up your feet, and pour that last sweet glass of port…. The hunting season is over…


I was planning on attending the Llandeilo Farmers’s meet this Saturday, and doing a short day with the South Pembs for their closing meet. However Bluey is currently off games, and even if we do make next weekend, I will be hopping from the saddle to Bristol airport, and am unlikely to give you more than a few lines of hasty narrative.

Therefore, as my final offering for the season, here is a round up, “best of”, post. I’m giving you the vital stats, the best days, the best runs, the best field masters, the best one liners, and the best photos. It has really been a season to remember, and I hope that you enjoy reminiscing as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

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