Gin & Juice

It’s the weekendddddddddd

It is also the beginning of Royal Welsh week, so I’m being a less competent version of my brother, and devoting my time to feeding calves, doing some milking, and scraping cow s**t, as well as the usual professional work, and dosing Bluey who has another sinus infection.

It is all enough to make one want a drink…. Or two (saving myself for Wednesday night, when I lose my YPV virginity at the show).


So drinking.

Your hip flask, and the generosity with which you share it, says a lot about you on the hunting field. My main flask is covered in maps, my new one is very, very glittery, but what I mean is the contents. Is it full of something gross you were given at Christmas and want to get rid of? Do you slyly drink it when no one else is looking?


I am a big fan of making my own fruit gins, like some sort of hipster housewife. The drinks cabinet at home looks like a bar, and there are Kilner jars of soaking fruit all over the place.

I never follow recipes, but just use the rule that the fruit should be covered in caster sugar before adding the alcohol. I freeze sloes rather than prick them, and do the same with other fruit as I think it releases the flavour more effectively.

There is nothing prettier than seeing some cheap gin turning deep purple with fruit.

Here are a few of the concoctions I have made ready for season 2016/17

Sloe Gin

Last autumn was terrible for sloes but I managed to find a sober neighbour who had a good crop. I usually let sloe gin infuse for a whole year, but have been warned to check regularly to make sure that the sloes don’t go off.

Blueberry and Rosehip Vodka

Already drank most of it.

Apple and Cinnamon Gin

Bit of an experiment

Blackcurrant Gin


I started this a week or so ago using blackcurrants from my grandfather’s produce garden. It is already the most fantastic colour.

Lime and Ginger Gin


I posted a photo of this online and one of the Croome followers commented “Disgusting, I won’t be drinking it.” His loss as this is actually really nice and very refreshing.

Raspberry Ripple Gin


Raspberries. Vanilla. Gin. What could go wrong?

Nothing. I may not share this one.

Strawberry and Basil Vodka


Another experiment, which so far looks and smells a winner.

What’s in your hip flask? What have you tried that worked, and what was a disaster (me: chilli vodka, autumn 2015).

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