Which Jilly Cooper Heroine Are You?

Okay, let’s face it, by the time you turn 20 you will know that a dramatic weight loss and an edgy haircut will not win you the love of your life, or an Olympic gold medal. Never the less, we love a bit of Jilly, and whether you were doing a Billy singing In the bleak midwinter over Christmas, or had eloped with a gypsy, sometimes its fun to play a game….


Helen Macauley/Campbell- Black/ Gordon/ Rannaldini/ Hawkley

No one knows where the hell you came from, but no one really cares after a while as you sort of slink into a social group and hold them in thrall. Come across as a massive prude but have actually had every man available. Well, as long as he’s the right sort. Has expensive taste, poor relationships with other women, and an inflated sense of your own intellectual capabilities.

Taggie O’Hara/ Campbell- Black

You are frightfully pretty but have no idea about it because your jealous mother never told you that you are beautiful. Excellent at dinner parties, you will win an eligible older bachelor over with your cooking.

Perdita MacLeod/ Alderton

You are a massive bitch with Daddy issues who craves financial security and will throw aside the perfect man in favour of a wealthier specimen. A late bloomer, once you get going nothing can stop you. In the end you will end up with a man that you don’t deserve, because love is blind (and Jilly Cooper writes fiction).

Janey Henderson/ Lloyd- Foxe

Somehow you nail the nicest man going, but return to type by shagging someone richer and more unpleasant. You are wildly talented but desperate to retire to a life of  housewifery and love. Your children will hate you in the end.