17 Things That Happen When You Can’t Wait For Hunting To Start

Aren’t we all counting down the days until the season begins?


Bluey and Bouncer cubbing in 2015. Photo by Steve Key.

1 The season ends and its safe to go skiing/sky diving/on a night out with that friend who always ends up in A&E. Can’t take the risk of missing a meet with a broken leg.

2 You question why there needs to be a close to the season. If we’re drag hunting can’t we do it all year round?

3 There must be a way around damaging crops and tiring hounds. Robot hounds?

4 Your tack hasn’t been cleaned in three months and you’ve stopped brushing your horse anywhere other than its girth and saddle area.

5 A tiny part of you was relieved that the season is over and you can have a lie in on a Saturday. That lasted about five days.

6 You miss seeing the same muddy faces every Saturday.

7 At hunt socials you have to superimpose a riding hat and mud on people in order to recognise them.

8 You realise how many people you actually spot by their horse or the cut of their hunt coat.

9 Hounds + summer = smell. Sorry.

10 After a brief spell of emptiness your weekends are now full of weddings and barbecues. You now have to shave your legs rather than hide them in breeches. Bugger.

11 Riding your horse is nowhere near as exciting as when you lived on a constant high from jumping and galloping.

12 You consider trying eventing and then remember that you can’t tell left from right and your horse is mortally afraid of coloured poles.

13 The beach body you honed by squeezing half a tonne of horse between your thighs is now resembling a dumpling.

14 Trying to understand hound breeding and conformation for puppy shows.

15 You join in the annual kennel clear up and narrowly avoid losing your hand to the kennel- huntsman’s over- exuberant chainsawing.

16 The hound parade at the county show has you filled with all the excitement of the start of the new season.

17 Opening meet is circled in your calendar.