Hunting Diary: Pembs Hunt Side Saddle Meet 2017

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was stripping down to my underwear in a lay-by in the depths of Pembrokeshire, squeezing water out of my hair after the wettest, wildest day at the Pembrokeshire Hunt’s side saddle meet. Time seems to be flying along and yesterday saw our second visit to our hard hunting neighbours, for their side saddle meet.


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Hunting Diary: Go Hard or Go Home

What a weekend….. Three packs, two days’ hunting, one hunt ball, and a lot of dry cleaning. Ages ago, I agreed to go as an after dinner guest to the North Cotswold Hunt Ball, working out that it would be a pleasant evening after a day’s hunting here in Wales. Shortly afterwards I received an invitation to hunt with the Three Counties Bloodhounds, and to be mounted on a large chestnut named “The Beast.” Intrigued, and fully embracing the #yolo lifestyle, I agreed…


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Hunting Diary: Mud, Dogs, and Sausage Rolls

Good evening! Last weekend I failed to make an appearance in the hunting field, being stuck in the hairdresser’s chair having the awkward conversation of trying to describe that evening’s occasion while carefully omitting the word “hunt”. Nobody wants to have their ear “accidentally” burnt with a curling iron. Anyway, E#1, Full English, Little M and I went to visit our lovely neighbours at the South Pembrokeshire for their hunt ball, a debaucherous evening which ended with one of our number taking command of the huntsman’s coat and horn. By the early hours the dance floor was so dominated by visiting Tivyside bitches that the South Pembrokeshire declared it a joint meet. We now eagerly await their return visit in February, although I wish good luck to anyone who thinks they can get hold of our huntsman’s belongings…


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