5 Things We Love About Hunting

I’m going to leave aside the very obvious “following hounds” bit and get into a list of ¬†five superficial reasons why we love hunting. I kind of hope that the weekly meet write ups put across a little bit of why I love crossing country behind hounds, but I realise that some of my recent lists may have come across as a bit cynical, and I’m really not that horrid (I give money to homeless people ALL THE TIME).


Photo credit Steve Key

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14 Hunting Horses You Might Meet in The Field

We’ve had the hunt followers you’re likely to meet in the field¬†, here is the equine equivalent…

1 The Ex Racehorse

Two weeks after his third and final race, Squidge has come via the sales to the capable hands of a tiny collector of failed racehorses. Covered in white foam if prevented from being at the front, he achieved notoriety at opening meet for overtaking a field of 120 horses to finish a nose in front of the swearing Field Master.


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